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Truffle Butta Bistro Guest Chef!

I am so honored and pleased to announce that I will be a guest Chef at Truffle Butta Bistro

March 4th & 5th! The Chef/Owner of Truffle Butta ( Raymond Lee) and I first met at Taste Baltimore 2, where he judged the Black Box Cooking Challenge that I won! Chef Ray asked me to guest Chef during my long overdue visit to his illustrious flavor boasting bistro. I will be serving

•Farmhouse Frittata

Roasted turkey, potatoes, onions, peppers, smoked Gouda and spinach

•Steak and Egg Benedict

Beef Tenderloin

Over a 3 cheese biscuit

Up egg and rosemary hollandaise

•Stuffed French Toast

Brioche French Toast

Stuffed with Madagascar vanilla infused mascarpone cheese

Be sure to come enjoy some brunch w/ me! I promise you won't be disappointed. My first time at Truffle Butta Bistro I fell in love with the food and I'm sure you will too!

Truffle Butta Bistro

7 E. Chesapeake Avenue

Baltimore, MD

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